Key Facts & Figures


The healthcare and life sciences industry in Catalonia has 734 companies and 89 research bodies.


Companies in the BioRegion: joint figures for the sector

Companies in the BioRegion, by subsector3

The BioRegion has 734 companies:  221 biotechnology, 46 pharmaceutical, 94 innovative medical technology, 208 suppliers and engineering firms, 130 consulting and professional services and 26 active investment organizations.

Catalonia is the leading region in Spain in the number of biotechnology companies and businesses that use biotechnology (followed by Madrid and Andalusia).

The main therapeutic areas in which biotech and pharma companies work are: cancer (often focusing on rare diseases) and neoplasms, dermatology, infectious diseases, and diseases of the nervous system and the respiratory system.





1 The increase in this percentage is due to: the steady creation of new companies, the fact that many service companies that previously didn’t work in the sector have been added to the Directory; and Biocat’s efforts to identify all the active stakeholders in the various subsectors, especially in the area of medical technology and digital health. 
2 Spanish Association of Venture Capital Firms.
3 Companies have been categorized into biotech, pharma, medtech and digital health by cross-referencing the categories in the Biocat Directory (for more information, see the “Methodology” section of the Biocat Report).
4 The 94 innovative medical technology companies are those classified in the Medical Technology category of the Biocat Directory. The rest (up to 200) are included in other categories (Suppliers & Engineering, Biotechnology and Professional Services & Consulting), although they carry out activities in the medtech arena. 
5 Included under the Providers & Engineering category in the Biocat Directory.