The BioRegion of Catalonia health and life sciences ecosystem

Key sector players


89research organizations

Companies: Revenue and employment



7%GDP Catalonia

14369milion Euros

42133workers (4,000 in R&D)


+100Mattracted in 2013 - 2015


New business creation (2005-2015)

75new companies (2013-Sept. 2015)


Main therapeutic areas

(Pharma and biotec companies)



28%Infectious diseases

28%Nervous system


Main areas of activity

(Medtech companies – R&D)

19%Reusable instruments

18%Dental devices

17%Electro mechanical medical devices

15%Single use devices

13%Non-active implantable devices


Priority markets:

  • spainSpain
  • ukUnited States
  • germanyGermany
  • ukUnited Kingdom
  • italyItaly
  • franceFrance

58%companies conduct sales activity in international markets

25%have products in more than 20 markets

Scientific production

Catalonia contributes 0,99% of all production in the world and 3,15% in Europe

Scientific quality

Catalonia obtained 53% of all ERC grants to go to scientists in Spain (2007-2015)


An environment of excellence

5500students graduate in life sciences and healthcare each year

3universities among the top 100 in Europe and top 200 in the world

92life sciences spin-off created between 1992-2015

41 research centers+8700workers

195 hospitals+89000workers (one third of which work at the 15 university hospitals)