The BioRegion: The Catalan life sciences and healthcare sector. Status and analysis

Methodology and notes

The bulk of the data on which the analyses in this chapter are based comes from the Biocat Directory. This database of companies and organizations in the BioRegion of Catalonia is managed in collaboration with Venture Valuation, the company that owns the international Biotechgate database, with which the Biocat Directory shares technological support and classification criteria.

All of the companies and organizations in the BioRegion are classified under one of the following headings, corresponding to their main sector of activity:

Some companies could potentially be classified under more than one heading given their activities but the criteria established requires them to select the one they consider their main focus. Although this may make analysis a bit less flexible, the system makes it possible to better evaluate the weight and progress of each of these sectors of activity.

Regarding pharmaceutical companies, the classification differentiates between companies that research, develop, produce and market drugs —which are in the Pharma category— and those that only distribute or provide specialized services for pharmaceutical companies, even if these are R&D services, which go in either the Supplier & Engineering or Biotechnology / R&D Services group, depending on their specific activities.

Something similar occurs with medical technology companies. The Medical Technology category includes companies that research, develop, produce and market systems or devices for medical applications in humans or animals, while other activities often included in a broader view of this sector —distribution of medical devices, production of laboratory materials and medical instruments, electronics companies and those that develop e-health software and apps, among others—are included in the Supplier & Engineering group in the Biocat Directory.

The analysis takes into account this classification and, when necessary, cross references data from different categories to provide a fuller view of the sector (for example, to identify digital health companies). For more information on classification, see:

The data on therapeutic indications (graph 22) and the pipeline (graph 23) of Catalan biotechnology companies comes from Biotechgate and was provided by the companies themselves.

The financial and personnel data is from the SABI database (Iberian Balance Sheet Analysis System), which gets its information from the business registry.

The information on rounds of investment (Table 1) was taken from the company files in the Biocat Directory and reports published by the companies themselves, by the investment funds, in press release, articles on specialized platforms, and ASCRI. The table includes companies that were active in Catalonia at the time of the transaction even though some have later moved their headquarters out of the area. When the company did not specify the type of round, an approximation was made based on the maturity of the company or product being developed and what the investment will be used for.

The patent information comes from the database of the OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office) and the tax address of the main applicant was used to identify patents from Catalonia. We also received support from the University of Barcelona Patents Center, which provided data from the other international offices mentioned.